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Dr J Bunbury (ED) Chair
Dr B Devereux (HH) Deputy Chair
All Graduate Tutors  
Professor G Virgo Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Dr R Padman Chair, BGS
T Milne Chair, Gradmin
Mr R Partington (CHU) Chair, Welfare and Finance Committee
Dr S Martin (M) Chair, Standing Committee on Education
C Pungong CUSU-GU Welfare and Rights Officer
Dr M Frasca-Spada (CC) Associate Secretary, Senior Tutors' Committee
S Ropek-Hewson GU President
Ms K Gardiner Secretary (



The Graduate Tutors' Committee shall consider matters relating to graduate students and where appropriate shall liaise with the Board of Graduate Studies. It shall recommend nominations for:

  • The Accommodation Syndicate
  • Childcare Committee
  • Such other bodies as shall be determined by the Senior Tutors' Committee.