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Senior Tutors


These pages are designed to group together guidance and information for staff when supporting students through examination procedures.  You may also benefit from visiting the pages on Guidance and procedures, and Health and welfare.


Examination requirements for honours

Rules for candidates to be awarded an honours degree.

Examination access arrangements

Procedures for requesting special conditions for examination, on the basis of illness or disability.

Examination enrolments

Also known as examination entries; procedures and deadlines for registering students for their examinations, and what to do if a student is registered incorrectly.

Examination allowances

Remedies that may be implemented when students are hindered by illness or other grave cause, and procedural guidance.

Examination warnings

Notifying the Board of Examinations in advance when a student has mitigating circumstances which may affect their examination performance.

Illegible examination scripts

The University's policy and procedure when scripts cannot be marked.

Class lists

Details of publication procedure, including withholding student names from classlists and making amendments.

Special procedures for MVST and NST students

Details of examination and registration for practicals, specific to students on these Triposes

Ordinary BA degree

Details about the award of the Ordinary BA.

Extension of submission dates

Managing submission for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Graduate examinations - Review processes

i) description of the process

ii) application form