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Senior Tutors


The following pages provide links to University guidance and procedures of relevance to Senior Tutors and collegiate staff. 

You may also find it useful to refer to more detailed guidance in this website grouped along specific themes such as Health and welfareExaminations and Admissions, available from the menu at the top.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for, further sources of information may be found in the Related Links menu to the right.  

College policies and procedures


Information about the collegiate system, the role of the Tutor and DoS, and training for Tutors and DoSs.


How Colleges can support supervisors, and guidance for supervisors.

Changing Colleges

Guidance and procedures.

Changing courses

Form to complete when students request to change courses.

Death of a student

Guidance and procedures to follow in the event of a student's death within your College.


Good practice guidance for Tutors and Tutorial staff on student confidentiality arrangements in a welfare context.

University policies and procedures

Terms and residence

Guidance about term dates and calendars, residence requirements or disregarding of terms, the Applications Committee, and vacation courses.

Reporting and student status

Guidance about the various systems for student reporting at the University (CamSIS, CamCORS, CGSRS) and further information about student status, such as the description of graduate courses, and BA/MA status.

Discipline and complaints

Information about University complaints procedures, plagiarism, discpline and the University courts, and the University proctors.

Fitness to study procedures (link to Reporter)

These procedures are designed to deal with the small number of serious and difficult cases that arise each year.  The procedure is not for addressing academic performance issues or matters of disciple, and will only be invoked after informal College pastoral support has failed to resolve problems. Faculties and Departments which have concerns about a student’s fitness to study should raise the matter in the first instance, and as soon as possible, with the student’s College.

University-wide policies

Information about University-wide policies, such as data protection, freedom of speech, lecture attendance, and the code of practice for research students.

Degree ceremonies

Procedures for ceremonies, and advising students on receiving transcripts.

Destination of Leavers in Higher Education (DLHE) survey

Information for staff and students about the University's role in contacting alumni for this survey.